Simulator / Test Prep

Practice on our simulator before getting behind-the-wheel, or take a class to prepare for your test at the DMV.

  • Knowledge Test Prep

    Take this four-hour class to prepare for the test at the DMV. In this class, we will go throw the Tennessee Comprehensive Manual. This course does not guarantee you will pass. After enrolling for one course, you may come to future classes at no cost. 

    We also provide transportation to the DMV for students who have enrolled in a class with Caswell Group Driving School. Please email if interested. 

  • Simulator Training Only

    The goal of the Caswell Group Driving School is to improve the driving skills of our students when placed in real-life driving situations. We utilize a multi-screen, pre-loaded simulator that allows you to:

    • Practice potentially risky situations in a safe environment
    • Put safe driving practices learned during instruction into actual use

    Training includes four hours (two 2-hour sessions) on our full cab simulator. 

Girl using simulator