Simulator/Test Prep

Practice on our simulator before getting behind-the-wheel. Start early (ages 14 and up). Or, take a class to prepare for your test at the DMV (virtual and self-paced available).

  • One on One Knowledge Test Prep

    Certified Instructors will meet with the student 1:1 to offer knowledge test prep guidance. The duration for this service is approximately two to three hours. 

  • Self-Paced Knowledge Test Prep

    This course includes live recordings with Teresa Landrum Caswell providing instruction on the TN Comprehensive Manual. During this self pace course, Instructor Caswell breaks down each section/chapter informing students what to highlight in their book.

    Instructor Caswell completes a couple practice tests informing students how to approach questions when taking the test at the DMV.

    Highly recommend a copy of the TN Comprehensive Manual when completing this course. An electronic version of this manual will be emailed after purchase with the link to the online course.

    Payment is due at time of purchase. 

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  • Simulator Training Package

    The goal of the Caswell Group Driving School is to improve the driving skills of our students when placed in real-life driving situations. We utilize a multi-screen, pre-loaded simulator that allows you to:

    • Practice potentially risky situations in a safe environment
    • Put safe driving practices learned during instruction into actual use
    Simulator Special:
    2 Hours for $50 for a limited time only!
  • Virtual Knowledge Test Prep

    This  three hour virtual course will prepare students for the knowledge test at the DMV. We will do a deep dive of the TN Comprehensive Manual. Full payment is due at time of purchase. A zoom link will be emailed to you. 

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Virtual Knowledge Test Prep

Memphis Area

Mar 21
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This four hour virtual course (4 - 8 pm) will do a deep dive of the TN Comprehensive Manual to prepare individuals for the permit test (knowledge test) at the DMV. A TN Manual will be mailed to you. You will need that manual for this class. Full payment is due at time of purchase. A zoom link will be emailed to you.