Driver Ed FAQ


Why are your classes substantially lower than other driving schools?

What is Proof of School Attendance, and how do I get one for my teen?

What does the future look like for Caswell Group Driving School?

How do I schedule a class for the teens in my school, church, or organization?

Do you offer group discounts?

Will I be able to train on a simulator?

I don't have proof of school attendance, can I use a Tennessee High School diploma or G.E.D.?

What is your refund policy?

Traditional Classroom

When can I start driver education?

Will this class prepare me for learner's permit?

Do I need a learner's permit to start class?

Does classroom hours have to be completed prior to starting behind-the-wheel?

What happens if I miss a class?


How long are the driving lesson?

Can I use my own car?

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a driving lesson?

Are your instructors licensed?

Will I have other students in the car with me?

When can I start the behind-the-wheel lessons?

Do you offer home pick-up and drop-off?

Defensive Driving

Are you approved with Department of Safety (DOS)?

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

How do I know which class to attend - 4 hour or 8 hour?

Will this class decrease my insurance?

How do I get a duplicate copy of my Certificate of Completion?

What is the difference between defensive driving and driver improvement?