FAQ - Driver Improvement

Are you approved with the Department of Safety?

Yes, Caswell Group is approved by the Department of Safety.  All Instructors are certified with AAA, and most of our Instructors have received certification with Prime for Life for Drug and Alcohol.

How do I know what class to attend - 4 hour or 8 hour?

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes, we do provide a certificate of completion via email within 48 hours after class is completed. We also email TDHOS a copy of your certificate after completion of the class. However, the individual student will be responsible for making sure that all other requirements are met and completed (ex. SR22, reinstatement fee). Please call Driver Improvement at 615-251-5235 or email them at driver.improvement@tn.gov

It depends on what the court ordered. Please clarify prior to attending/registering for class. If you received a letter from the Department of Safety, you most likely will need an 8 hour course. The letter should specify.  If you are wanting to complete a course to reduce points or receive a discount on auto insurance, the 4 hour should suffice.

Refund Policy

We do not provide refunds; however, we will work with you to reschedule your class if applicable. A $15 reschedule fee may be applied if deemed necessary by administration.

Will this class decrease my insurance?

For many insurance providers, a Certificate of Completion from our online Driver Improvement Program will qualify for a discount on auto insurance. However, because every driver's situation is different, please check with your insurance company prior to registration for the course.

How do I get a duplicate copy of my Certificate of Completion?

If students need a copy of your certificate of completion,  please email admin@caswellgroupdrivingschool.com.  We keep certificates on file for one year.

  • Drivers Education: a course which teaches you the rules of the road, vehicle safety, and everything that you need to know before you get behind the wheel for the first time. In the past, everyone had to take driver’s education in a classroom setting, but now in many states you can do it online!

  • Drivers Training: the in-car driving lessons that you take with a licensed driving instructor.

What is the difference between driver’s education and driver’s training?