FAQ - Driver Education Class

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What is the difference between the adult & teen driver education class?

Teen (15 -18) and Adults (19+) complete the same curriculum. Students 18 years old and younger are required to hold their permit for 180 days. 19 years and older are not required to hold the permit, but must still take the knowledge test. This class will qualify you for the Tennessee Road Test when all requirements are met.

We do not recommend grouping teens and adults together, therefore we will hold separate classes for 19 and older.

Is Caswell Group Driving approved to give the state road tests?

Caswell Group Driving School is licensed as a Cooperative Driver Testing Program Agency, however there are very strict rules we must adhere to:

  • Student must be at least 15 years and 6 months old at time of driving test.

  • Student must have completed the 30 hours classroom training with a passing grade.

  • Teen student must have held a TN Permit for at least 180 days.

Effective 2017, driving schools are no longer able to administer the written tests (permit). All students must take this test at the DMV, however the 30 hours classroom instruction will prepare students for this test (no guarantee that the student will pass).

Do I need  my learner permit to attend class?

You do not need your learner permit to attend the 30 hours classroom instruction class.

Do you provide transportation to class?

We do not provide transportation. For road tests, start and end location will be at our office (1025 Whitney Avenue, Memphis, TN 38127). 

What are the qualification of the Instructors with Caswell Group Driving School?

All Instructors are certified with AAA and approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety.

Is Caswell Group Driving School able to administer the written test?