About Us

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We are the first driving school in the Raleigh-Frayser Community!

Teresa Landrum-Caswell started the process of forming Caswell Group Driving School in 2018 when she realized there was a need for a driving school in her community. At that time, her family could not afford to pay for her daughter to go through a driver education program. As a result, she taught her daughter how to drive by first teaching her in an abandon parking lot. 

Teresa went to Knoxville, TN to receive her AAA certification. It took her a long time to get things off the ground, which only by the grace of God, her business started booming in the pandemic. Her years of teaching (virtual) and 15 years experience in Higher Education prepared her for the challenge. Caswell Group Driving School held their first virtual class August 2020 with four participants. 

The sole purpose of launching Caswell Group Driving School is for our residents - to offer them something more affordable and accessible. We are here to serve all of Tennesse, but priority will always be given to residents in 38127 and 38128.

Teresa Landrum-Caswell and her family live in this community, worship in the community, children attend school in this community, therefore she is fully invested in this community. She wants to see this community and the residents living in this community THRIVE!

Each month, Caswell Group Driving School supports a business, organization, and/or individual making a difference in this community.

Teresa Landrum-Caswell is a member of American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA). Membership to this organization is truly a honor. This organization provides access to the latest trends in teaching while providing a network of educators across the country.